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We belive that passion connect people! With us you will find people you can travel with and make your dreams come true. From travel to Zanzibar, fiords in Norway, sailing yacht to Corsica, parties in Croatia, surf in Portugal to skydive in Dubai. Trip has to be quick and saturated with adventures, which you will remember for whole your life. The limit is only your imagination.




QuickTrip is based on facebook, what ensure safety and significant range of each new event. Once you joined to event, you will have shown common friends who can recommend newly met people that you can plan the trip with.





We respect your time and convenience, therefore we give you professional kit making planning a trip a way easier. Trusted Partners, who are recommended by our users, flight search, hotels, car rentals and more - we cooperate only with the bests.






Your own events

Do you have an idea or plans for a trip, but don't want go alone? Maybe your team need completion? However, if it's skydive in Paraguay, sun bathing in Brasil or bike trip around Europe. Show everyone what are you planning - add your own event and find a new traveling companions.





Mobile application

To recive notifications about newest events and add your own from a smartphone, download our app.




Premiere 1/12/2016

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